Smart Ways to Maximize Space in Your Tight Spaced Living Room

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The living room is a gathering place for your family. It is the place where your family comes to enjoy quality time together. It is the place your kids bring their friends to watch TV and play games, and it is the place everyone goes to relax and unwind after dinner each night.

With so many jobs to do, it is important to make the most of your living room. That is not a difficult thing to do when your living room is huge, but what happens when what should be the most important room in your home is smaller-than it should be?

If you are stuck with a tight spaced living room, you could embark on a huge home improvement project, tearing down walls and rearranging the entire interior. Or you could take a smarter, and less expensive, approach. No matter where you live or what kind of home you have, there are ways to make your small living room easier to live with. Here are six simple ideas to get you started.

Clear out your extra stuff

Even a big living room will look tiny if it is filled with stuff. Take a look around for extra furniture, extra stuff and other clutter that can be relocated. Once the clutter is cleared away, you can make the most of the remaining space.

Choose suitably-sized furnishings

A small living room is not the place for a huge sectional or gigantic sofa. Make the most of what you have by choosing smaller pieces that will not look out of place in a less than ample living room.

Select your colors carefully

You can do a lot with color, including making a tight spaced living room look larger. Painting the walls a light color is a good place to start, and sticking to light neutral shades for the window treatments will help as well. You can brighten up the space with vibrant cushions, throw pillows and rugs.

Light things up

Make sure your small living room gets plenty of natural light. Letting the light in will make the space more inviting and can even make your tiny living room look larger. Be sure to supplement that natural light with bright LED fixtures, tall floor lamps and overhead light sources like ceiling fans.

Draw the eye up instead of out

Even the tiniest living room has vertical space, so make the most of that space with things like floor-to-ceiling curtains. You can also install floor-to-ceiling bookcases and shelving units -they can do double-duty by keeping your small living room neat, tidy and free of clutter.

Incorporate decorative mirrors into your home decor

Mirrors create the illusion of space, but they can also improve the look of your small living room. Look for-decorative mirrors with beveled edges, interesting inlays and other special touches. These decorative mirrors will help you make the most of your small living space and enhance the charm of the room.

Living with a small living room can be tough, but you do not have to let a lack of space cramp your style. With a few simple design hacks and some smart decorating ideas, you can transform your tiny living room into a big space everyone will want to share.

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