How often do you stand in your closet and say "I have nothing to wear"?

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How often do you stand in your closet and say, I have nothing to wear? Here are a few suggestions on how to optimize your closet to create the type of wardrobe that is easy to find what you need and makes you feel good when you walk out the door.

Donate, sell, or throw out those close that are just taking up space. You can take a day and sort out everything in your closet. Take everything out, sort in to piles, 1. what you love, and wear a lot, (this is your keep pile) 2. What you love, but don't seem to wear very often (this is your maybe pile), consider donating. 3. What you never wear, its just not you, or it is damaged, (this is your toss pile) This will likely have you in tears by hour 2.

If you are not in a hurry, and since your closet has been in this state for many years, maybe you should start with this one simple trick. Turn all your hangers around backwards in your closet. Then as you wear them, lander them, and return them back to your closet, turn the hangers around the other way. Within a few months it will become clear which are your favorite clothes.

In 6 months time if you have not worn something, (unless it is strictly seasonal) you should seriously consider tossing it.

Once you have sorted through your closet and have determined which things you wear, now you can sort cloths according to color. This will give you a clear look at what you have and it will show you what your favorite colors are at a glance. These are your favorites for a reason, they make you feel good, they fit well, and they make you look good. Now when you go shopping, stick to these colors and styles, which have proven to be your favorites.

Now, you should have a roomier more organized wardrobe. It will be easier to select an outfit. As you find time, you should now make a space on your closet pole for complete outfits. Here you can put tops and bottoms together, layers that you like with these outfits, and now you have an area where all the guess work is done and complete outfits wait for you. You can even put scarfs together with your newly created outfits. Shoes can go on the floor below them or in bins nearby. Jewelry can also be picked out ahead of time. Store your jewelry in plastic bags and either hang from the hanger, or have a bin nearby for outfits you have created. You will find that you also have scarfs, shoes, and jewelry that you never wear. Consider donating those also.

Now getting dressed will take less time, and you will love what you are wearing.

If you follow these suggestions no longer will you be standing in your closet saying "I have nothing to wear." Instead, you will he dressed and ready in record time, clothes will become fun again, and shopping will be more productive.

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